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This Page holds the various digital works from the University of Colorado Art Student. To purchase mp.4's please email me.

Week One Synopsis 

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Week Two Synopsis

Image 6-5-20 at 5.39 PM.jpg

Bouncing Ball animation 6/3/2020

Week Three Synopsis

Morph a number into a letter 6/5/2020

Discussion question


Week Four Synopsis

Week Five Synopsis

Flour Sack Jump 6/9/20

Image 6-10-20 at 7.22 PM.jpg

For this assignment I started by using the knowledge I gained from reading about thumbnail storyboards from The Moving Image Workshop Ch.2. After planning out my design I took it to illustrator. My goal was to incorporate "..." to seem like noise or something frightening. In retrospect, I think the animation would of been better with more dots in more frames. Overall I am content with how the work came out considering it took me hours on end to create the gif.

Walking Cycle- "Joyful Stroll" 6/13/20

The goal of the Assignment was to familiarize yourself with Adobe Character animator and use it to create a walking cycle. I chose to model the word joyful from the list proposed. First, I developed a word map with lists and items that I personally associate with joy. Second, I decided on a quirky flower I brainstormed ideas for the background which was to remain static. Bubbles are something I associate with youthful and childish joy to that is what I selected as my background. Being brand new to all forms of digital has proven to be a serious challenge.  For that reason, I used more simplistic shapes that I would be able to manipulate successfully in the hopes of creating a video that looks more concise. The most difficult part of this project was taking notes on all the videos. It helped me to pause the videos and take notes on the tools the artists were using. 

Image 6-13-20 at 7.28 PM.jpg

Word as Image- 6/16/20

For this assignment I selected the word Tired. After brainstorming what tired "looks like", "feels like", and "sounds like" I drew a brain map. First I used animator and later added two sounds over the top distorting my yawn sound. Lavender blue was the color I chose for the text. This color seemed to portray a calm and sleepy feeling suitable for the word "tired". The text size, weight, and width were altered in every frame and several filters were placed on the text to make it blur/ fade away as the video goes on. My thought was to have the blur represent what it feels like as you eventually fall asleep. Overall there are 162 frames.

What the heck was that: Lip Sync- 6/21/20


For this assignment, I used adobe photoshop and illustrator. After reviewing the tutorial video I wanted to create something that felt less flat and more my style. So I sketched out a snowman and reindeer first. Then once I had a concept I came up with a few ideas for the background that were more painterly. During the beginning of my animation, after creating the snowman, my computer died and I lost what I had been working on in photoshop. This set back took me a while to restart because I had all my eyes and facial expression options saved as well.

Aside from restarting the assignment, the most difficult aspect was recording myself and having it line up with my snowman.

Rotoscope Action

For this assignment, I wanted to pick my favorite animal to rotoscope, a giant panda bear. I took this opportunity to be creative with the background after creating the translucent pixels for the background. I used after effects, rotoscoped, refined and touched up the scene I selected to fulfill the assignment.

Material Experimentation: Final Project- "Sweet Dreams"

Flat style, traditional animation, (01:18) min.



For my final project, I decided to stick with a similar animation style to my lip-sync project. After reading the project prompt I created a literal "dream fantasy" which I created by using  Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Animate, Character Animator, Premiere, and Audition. I used all 12 Fundamental Principles of Animation by using the cat and dog. Motion graphics was added after completion of the animation for the title. I tried to pick a stereotypical fairytale font for the opening. After creating the storyboard I recorded and distorted the audio.


My favorite part of this project was drawing and creating the background for this animation. The background felt stylistically closer to my 2-dimensional acrylic works. 

This animation is about a little girl who falls asleep and dreams of her pets talking.   

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